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PTI RF Wireless Headphones w FM scan/USB Tra

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- Perfect for TVs- allows you to listen to your favorite TV shows wirelessly without disturbing others. No more complaints about loud volume!
- The wireless USB transmitter is powered up by any USB interface and can be connected to additional earphones so you can share your movies, music or football games
- Radio Frequency (RF) signal allows transmission through walls so there?s no interruption, built-in FM scan for radio music
- When wired, may be used with other audio devices, PC, phones, MP3/MP4 player, etc
- Connect to TV or other devices that have audio and video outputs
- Lightweight adjustable headphones with super soft cushion
- Built-in volume control and FM scan button
- Works up to 50 ft. in distance
- Frequency Response: 86-108Mhz
- Audio Input: 3.5mm Audio Port
- LED power indicator light
- Pair multiple headphones for group listening
- Will work with newer TV?s with the use of a digital analog converter


(No reviews yet) Write a Review