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Ligas Enterprises is an IT & Telecom Solutions Provider. We have been Specializing in Sound and Economical Telephone Solutions providing UCaaS and Premised Based Solutions Since 1986. 


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Let us show you how to cut your telephone system out and reduce in house costs on service and hardware. A Hosted/UCaaS (Unified Communications As a Service) Telephone System is also know as Unified Cloud Communications. It Brings together services such as VOIP, Video Conferencing, Collaboration tools, File Sharing, Instant messaging and More.  Let us partner with you and bring you quotes from Vendors that have proven themselves in the Industry. We Represent you and help you navigate to the best solution in the most economical way.


1. Clear Cut Savings.  See the Savings 
-Save Up to 40% on your telephone bill with a Hosted Telephone System.
-Savings of up to 60% in hardware costs with a Hosted Telephone System.
-NO Expensive Moves, Adds or Changes with a Hosted Telephone System.

 2. More Benefits yet simple to use.
-Utilize features designed for sophistication.
-Elevate your flexibility and professionalism. Move Phone locally or out of state and connect from phone to phone via extension like your in the same building.
-Increase productivity.

 3. 100% Reliable.
-With Bandwidth speeds at an all time High, It makes more sense than carrying the costs of in house infrastructure and services that are not necessary any more.
-Safer than conventional telephone services.
-Calls are automatically rerouted if you lose connection.
-Redundant Datacenters located in the most reliable parts of US.

 4. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
- We design a UcaaS service solution that fits your companies needs.    

A few items we will need to start your quote. 
-Company Name
-Phone number
-Number of Concurrent Callers needed (How many callers will be on the line at one time), This will determine how many Trunks you will need.
-Number of End Points. How many Phones are needed. Include model telephone if you know what you want.
-Any Special Features Needed? Fax, Video Conferencing, ACD....
-How long a term do you want your contract for? Mo. to Mo., 1 Year, 2 Year,  3 Year

 Interested? Call today!  (800) 366-2087 , email or Fill out below and someone will be in contact with you.