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Hotel Phone Faceplates


Hotel Room Phone Faceplates & Pricing

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How to Proceed

1. Send us picture of Top and Bottom of Phone and model # if you can provide. Provide Qty of ea required.

Faceplates and Plastic Pricing 
*Add 2nd Color $.49ea per faceplate 

**Full Color Add $.99ea. per faceplate. 

**Add Room #'s $.50ea. per room

2. We will send you Invoice for payment 25-49 Faceplates       $4.25ea                                                                                           
3. With receipt of payment, we provide a proof for your acceptance. 50-99 Faceplates       $3.05ea       
4.Items are processed and shipped.

100+ Faceplates        $2.25ea.                   


5. Your Happy & Satisfied  Plastic Overlays          1-49pcs  $2.65ea.

                                      50+ pcs $2.25ea    

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