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Mitel Console Repair Options


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Mitel Superconsole 1000 Repair Options & Mitel SX50 Console Repair Options
Mitel Superconsole 1000 Part numbers: 9189-000-001, 9189-000-011, 9189-000-016, 9189-000-017, 9189-000-300, 9189-000-301, 9189-000-400, 9189-000-401

Mitel SX50 Console Part Numbers: 9104-060-001, 9104-060-100, 9104-060-101, 9104-060-102

**Here is what we can offer. ​3 options​ (We charge your credit card up front and if for some reason we are not able to repair, we refund you minus $50 bench charge for trouble shooting and shipping and send your console back to you or we can sometimes use them for parts and will make you a parts offer)

1.)Purchase ​Refurbished SC1000 $899 Non Backlit ,  SC1000 ​$950 Backlit ,SX50 Console $850  + $16 shipping

2.)​Advance Replacement​ ​$425 ( We send you a refurbished unit and charge Purchase price but provide a credit of difference with return of your defective unit if found to be repairable) +32 Shipping (2 shipping charges of $16ea. 1.)We provide you a fedex ground label for the return of your defective unit to us. 2.)Shipping the Advanced Replacement unit to you. )
*We are only able to offer Advance Replacement if we have a refurbished unit in stock. 
**If we are not able to repair your console, you have the option of purchasing the unit outright. We will do our best providing you an offer of your defective unit and use it as parts or we can send it back to you at your expense. 

3.)Repair yours​ $325ea.​ + $32 Shipping (2 shipping charges of $16ea.) 1.)We provide you a fedex ground label for the shipment from your location to ours. 2.)Shipping the Repaired unit to you.

*If we are NOT able to repair your unit, there is a $50 Bench Charge for evaluation time. 
*90 Day Warranty, Add 10% for 1 Year Warranty. We DO NOT Cover Acts of God or Negligence. (Spilled Drink on Console, Console fell on floor, etc)