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Sangoma Technologies Inc Sangoma A200 PCI Base Analog Card EC/HW SGM-A200BRMD

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Product Overview

- From 2 to 24 ports supported, mixing FXO and FXS interfaces, as required
- Support for the Asterisk?, FreeSWITCH?, Yate?, CallWeaver?, PBX/IVR projects, as well as other Open Source and proprietary PBX/Switch/IVR/VoIP gateway applications
- Single synchronous PCI and PCI Express interface for all 24 FXO/FXS ports
- Four RJ11 ports per Remora? card
- Dimensions: 2U Form factor: 120 mm x 55 mm for use in restricted chassis
- Short 2U compatible mounting clips available for installation in 2U rack-mount servers
- 32 bit bus master DMA data exchanges across PCI interface at 132Mbytes/sec for minimum host processor intervention
- Autosense compatibility with 5 V and 3.3 V PCI busses
- Fully PCI 2.2 and PCI Express compliant, compatible with all commercially available motherboards, proper sharing of PCI interrupts
- Intelligent hardware: Downloadable Field Programmable Gate Array programming with multiple operating modes. Field upgradeable so that new features can be added when they become available
- Maximum operational power for PCI: 3.75 W (0.75 A @ 5 V) + 4.2 W (0.35 A @ 12 V) per FXS module
- For PCI Express: 2.64 W (0.8 A @ 3.3 V) + 4.2 W (0.35 A @ 12 V) per FXS module
- Temperature range: 0 - 50?C
- Shipped with standard RJ11-terminated cables
- The A200 consists of a Remora? daughterboard mounted on the AFT PCI card. The Remora card has two sockets each of which can accept a FXO-2 or FXS-2 module. Each FXO-2 or FXS-2 module supports two FXO or FXS lines, respectively
- Up to five additional Remora? daughterboards can be mounted in empty slot positions beside the A200 assembly, connected to the A200 by a backplane bus connector.


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