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Sangoma Technologies Inc Sangoma 1-Port T1/E1/J1 PCIe EC/HW SGM-A101DE

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Product Overview

A101 Single Span T1/E1/J1 PCI Express Card with Echo Cancellation Hardware
Supports up to 30 voice calls or 2.048 Mbps of full duplex data throughput over a single T1, E1, or J1 line
Ring buffer DMA handling for minimum host intervention and guaranteed data integrity on high volume systems
Supports Robbed Bit Channel Associated Signaling (CAS) and ISDN PRI
T1/E1 and fractional T1/E1, multiple channel HDLC per line for mixed data/TDM voice applications
G. 168-2002 echo cancellation in the hardware
1024 taps/128ms tail per channel on all channel densities
DTMF decoding and tone recognition
Voice quality enhancement: music protection, acoustic echo control, and adaptive noise reduction
No CPU load as a result of echo cancellation
Echo cancellation hardware does not increase the physical size of the card and no additional slot is required
Support for Asterisk, FreeSwitch, and Yate, as well as other open source and proprietary PBX, IVR, and VoIP gateway applications


(No reviews yet) Write a Review